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Theodore's Books is grateful for the national, local, and industry newspapers, magazines, blogs, and online dailies that have helped share our story, a story that is uniquely ours, and also one that's shared by independent bookstores in the city and around the country.

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Featured February 26th on C-SPan
Saying It Loud - 1966-The Year Black Power Challenged the Civil Rights Movement

Featured on March 27th on Medium
he Post Pandemic Survival of Independent Bookstores on Long Island

Featured on January 12th on C-SPAN
Former Congressman Steve Israel (D-NY) on Owning a Bookstore

Featured on February 14th on CBS
Book Clubs Thrive Online in the Pandemic Era

Featured on December 20th on The Patch
Former Congressman Israel Passionate about Oyster Bay Bookstore

Featured on September 11th in Newsday
4 New Long Island Independent Bookstores

Featured on March 17th in Nassau Community College's Podcast Episode of My Hometown
Former Congressman Steve Israel's New Job

Featured on March 1st on Fox5
Former Congressman Opens Bookshop on Long Island

Featured on February 6th in The New York Times
'Taking the Voters Out of the Equation’: How the Parties Are Killing Competition 

Published January 27 in
"Interview: Former US Representative Steve Isreal opens a bookstore in Oyster Bay"

Featured on December 10 in The Hill
"Your must-read holiday book list from members of Congress" by Steve Israel, Opinion Contributor

Featured on December 3 in Washington Post
"The word of the Year and the Rise of Literary Dogs"

Featured on November 24 Book TV C-SPAN
"About Books - Former Representative Steve Israel (D-NY) talked about the opening of his new bookstore."

Featured on November 1 in Forward
"Former NY congressman Steve Israel breaks into the book business"

Featured on October 27 in The Hill
"Former congressman's next chapter: Indie bookstore owner"

Featured on October 18 on Shelf Awareness Pro
"Theodore's Books Coming to Oyster Bay, Long Island"

Featured on October 15 in Oyster Bay Herald
"Honoring a president with a bookstore
Theodore’s Books coming to the hamlet next month"

Featured on October 13 in Newsday
"Former congressman set to start a new life chapter with opening of Oyster Bay bookstore"