Screenwriter Shelby Renjifo Discusses Novella with NYT Bestselling Author Nelson DeMille at Oyster Bay Brewing Co.

At Oyster Bay Brewing Co.

Join us for an evening with screenwriter & Long Island author, Shelby Renjifo as she sits in conversation with New York Times bestselling author Nelson DeMille, to discuss Renjifo's new novellaA Wasp at a Funeral.

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“Shelby Renjifo's novella is nothing short of amazing. A ground-breaking work of fiction that pulls you into a Gatsby-esque world of privilege and comfort where everything is not as it seems. Shelby Renjifo's writing is elegant and engaging, and the story is haunting and heart-breaking.” — Nelson DeMille, The Gold Coast

“I could stand at the podium and say that Wesbrooke—my son—was a fine young man. I’d pause, look around, shed a tear. I could stand at the podium and say that my son—whom we called Brookes—was a fighter. He fought the good fight that is this cruel unrelenting life filled with endless temptations—ugh, that may be a bit much. I could stand at the podium and say that my baby—Wesbrooke—with the sun in his eyes and the future waving proudly, brought only honor to his family with his diligence, lion-hearted nature, and beaming charisma. I could say all of this.”

What would you say at your loved one’s funeral—or even your own for that matter? Would you cry … laugh … break … or speak? Four narrators lead four very different chapters—and proposed eulogies—in this fictional novella, A Wasp at a Funeral.

Wesbrooke “Brookes” Ellison IX grew up in a sheltered aristocratic bubble on the North Shore of Long Island. The last of his name, and the epitome of American white male privilege, Brookes struggles to cope in a world practically made for him—until it’s too late.

Elizabeth, Brookes’s grieving mother, though victimized-martyr, becomes distracted by an incessant buzzing noise. However, she can’t see it, she can only hear it—until she spots the culprit atop her son’s portrait. As she looks closer, she notices its color, its shape, its shell … it’s not a bee, it’s—the end of an outdated era.

Brookes’s father, Wes, a California lovechild raised to fulfill his blue-blooded lineage, reflects on how his dysfunctional upbringing brought on the rise and fall of its final heir.

Brookes’s stepfather, Joel, a sleazy talent agent, plays the tangible role of The Good Husband better than any of his star-studded clients. However, he could never quite win over Brookes, and uses humor to deflect a curious sense of guilt surrounding his stepson’s death.

Brookes, led by his heart, ruled by his ego, pontificates on his early, tragic fate—all wrapped up in a neat, existential bow.

Each chapter unfolds a new narrators’ perception on Brookes’s short life based on their own intimate—often skewed—anecdotes at his funeral.

Don’t act like you’ve never thought about it before—how would you present on that podium? If you cry, don’t forget how to laugh; if you laugh, do let yourself cry. When you break, rise and speak; and when you speak, find your peace.

Shelby Renjifo is a screenwriter and novelist from Long Island, New York and an Emerson College alumni. From screenplays to books, she hopes to use her voice to unite others through art.

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