Self-Development Coach Leda Mitrofanis Discusses New Book, ME, MYSELF, AND I

At Theodore's Books

Join us for an evening with self-development coach Leda Mitrofanis as she speaks about and signs her new self-improvement book, Me, Myself, and I. 

This event is free and open to the public. Registration is required.

Copies of Me, Myself, and I will be available for purchase at the event.

Me, Myself, and I addresses in a simple and straightforward manner the loss of self-identity facing our society today and the myriad of traumas, disconnection, and separation it causes. It explores how we got here and how we missed a vital mark in our human trinity – mind, body, spirit. It makes the case for our spiritual identity beyond religion as our foundational truth and governing body and teaches us how to re-connect to this internal part of ourselves that is omni-present and a source of wisdom and guidance.

Through guided explanations, the book sets the stage to brings us back home to our authentic selves. As the first book in the series, The Human Case of Mistaken Identity, Me, Myself, and I sets up the theme for the upcoming in-depth books to follow.

LEDA MITROFANIS is the founder and director of Simply Leda. She is also Certified Mindfulness Educator, and attended a multitude of workshops, seminars and lectures on self-development and emotional education. Her vast education, independent studies, and personal trial and errors over the years have led Leda to create a counseling practice and teach programs which increase self-love exponentially thus diminishing anxiety, removing self-doubt, developing a can-do attitude, recognizing and acknowledging your unique gifts and talents and increasing self-esteem. 

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