Business Strategy Coach Kiki Orski discusses her new book "Smash The Silos"


Join us for an evening with business strategy coach Kiki Orski as she discusses and signs her new book, Smash the Silos: A Surprisingly Easy Way to Enhance Collaboration, Boost Productivity, and Improve Organizational Results.

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The path to better results is not paved by you working harder. In fact, it can be much easier than you think. Simply recognize and shatter the strong, solid, previously thought indestructible, but (yet) invisible to the eye, boundaries that prevent mission critical information, skills and talent from flowing throughout your organization. It is a results changer!

KIKI ORSKI is a dynamic, practical, and experienced business strategy coach who leads clients to outstanding results. She walks into a room of executives and immediately captivates and motivates even the most hesitant. Kiki takes to any consultation a shrewd, strategic eye for untapped opportunities. As the primary consultant for Peak Performance Consulting, she helps executive teams drill down quickly to the root cause of business challenges. She then gives them practical tools to create immediate and actionable roadmaps for success. Kiki empowers clients to examine their own leadership, their developments, and their businesses in a more strategic, collaborative way. It is a process that unveils opportunities, reduces redundancy, improves communications, and amplifies results. 

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