Cello Comes Home: Born to Rewild

Join celebrated children's author, Simon Mills and Dr. Ross MacPhee, Senior Curator, Department of Mammalogy, Division of Vertebrate Zoology Professor Emeritus, Richard Gilder Graduate School, American Museum of Natural History on a rewilding adventure that opens eyes and hearts. This true story follows the horse’s journey over ten thousand years to a modern-day stallion named Cello who leads us to explore the science of rewilding planet Earth. The reading level (lexile) of Cello Comes Home is age 11 - 14 (grade 4 - 6) but parents reading these books to children aged 3 - 7 (K - 2) can strengthen literacy and vocabulary significantly in their young minds. This is due to the power of rhyme as a literacy builder.

Dr. Ross D. MacPhee
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