Baby Shower Gift Services

There is no better gift for a newborn or new parent than the gift of words and stories.

That’s why we at Theodore’s Books are devoted to helping you fill your loved ones' nursery with a stocked library. We’ve put together a list of baby books that make it as easy as possible to shop classic board books and picture books. Don’t see what you’re looking for on the list? Don’t worry! You can personalize your shopping experience by searching for the title you are looking for and adding the book to your cart. 

Browse our Baby Shower Book List or choose from our Pre-Built Bundles below.

That’s not all! Throwing a shower for someone you love?
You can create a Wishlist to send out to guests so that nobody brings the same book twice! Follow the instructions below, or call the store for more information. 


  • Create an account with Theodore’s Books 
  • Select the book you want to add to your Wishlist 
  • Select “Add Book To Wishlist” 
  • Select “Create New Wishlist” 
  • Create a Name For Your Wishlist 
    • Ex “[Name] Baby Book Registry 2024” 
  • When your wishlist is complete, edit preferences such as the expiration date of your event
  • Share your wishlist with family and friends via email 

Please be aware that Theodore’s Books needs at least TWO WEEKS to order books. We cannot guarantee your books in time if we are not provided a two week window to order. 




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